A&R Creative

Our Mission

is to enrich the lives of our employees and our customers through progressive hospitality. We strive to create a sense of family within our restaurants and bars through support and inclusion so that when our customers walk through our front doors they too feel like a member of the family.

Our Vision

is to change what hospitality means within the service industry by being hospitable to our community, our employees and ourselves through community engagement, environmental sustainability, and progressive employment practices.

Our Values

  • Service - Doing all that can be done for others, and more than is expected. 
  • Excellence -  Rising above normal expectations in all aspects of the job.
  • Creativity - Thinking outside the box to invent and develop original ideas and come up with new solutions to existing problems.
  • Community - Focusing outside the walls of our bars and restaurants by giving back to our friends and neighbors.

Meet the A&R Creative team.

Ali Alshahal


Emily Albertson

Marketing Project Manager + Events Coordinator

Colton Bolender

Social Media Manager

Audrey Burns

Creative Lead

Cooper Davell

UX Designer

Taylor Hicks

Graphic Designer

Ryan McKee

Experience Director

Collin Minnis

Beverage + Restaurant Operations Director

Bryan Myers

Director of Campus Operations

Ellie Richmond

Campus Marketing Manager

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